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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Finding Peace Within Yourself (Even When The Path Is Dark And Your Heart Is Hurting)

Okay my dear, beautiful friends… This SPECIAL message is something I wrote just for my personal list only. For those who took the time to subscribe to my newsletters and committed themselves to building their mindset and HEART through what I share. I make it a purpose to give them that little ‘extra’ because they truly took the time to invest in themselves. (You can do this also by just subscribing to the right ==> or above) But basically my point is I was so overjoyed by how clearly this message came to those on my list, the response was beautiful… I HAD to share it, it was no choice by the time I read the last email….
So here you go, this is FROM ME TO YOU and I hope you truly SOAK it in and remember YOU are in control of your life, your outcomes and how you feel…  And most of all start working on finding the PEACE within yourself, because it IS there…
Finding Peace Within Yourself…
Do you ever wonder why things happen the way they do? Do you ever try to find the deeper meaning behind it? Are you open to taking the difficult road verses the easy road?
I say this because at this moment in my life, in my business and most of all my heart… I have found peace. I found that missing link that I thought was not there for most of my life.
You can probably relate. Spending most of life trying to fill that empty space, trying to find what is supposed to be there, I just kept searching outside myself to find it…
I was searching in the WRONG PLACE…
I already had that missing link, right inside of me. It was there and it was NOT missing, I just did not become open to it or AWARE of it because I was searching for someone or something else to fill it in.
Once I found that the difficult roads I took, the experiences I had in my life, the meaning behind all of it… How it all came together and really was necessary for me to be here now at this point in my life. I was completely and utterly at PEACE. I found my true connection to this universe and literally went from allowing my feelings control me to becoming carefree, heart driven and full of faith EVEN when the hardest, most complicated things happen in my life.
(And TRUST ME if you really knew my life’s story, you would be FLOORED as to all I have been through.)
So my message to you is to become OPEN and AWARE of what you already have inside of you. Your faith, your heart, your purpose, your BEING. That is the missing link. It is not someone else, something else or outside of you…
You have it right there, just DECIDE to connect to it. Become one with it and realize that life is meant for joy, happiness and laughter. And that circumstances and experiences are JUST THOSE, circumstances and experiences. They are no more than what YOU make them out to be and they do not make you who you are. You are already who you are always, which is determined by something much deeper, stronger and beautiful than just life’s happenings.
Make happiness, joy and laughter come out of every situation and have a DEEPER FAITH that the moments, experiences and even hardships in your life are there to make you better, build you and allow you to GIVE BACK to this universe (which is TRULY what we are meant here to do).
Take today to dedicate to finding peace within yourself and become so absolutely honest with YOU. Then take the time to connect with YOU and this amazing universe that we are in. You would be surprised on how amazing you feel and what you get. It is beyond words. The beauty, the heart, the faith and most of all the BEING of life…
You DESERVE it. You really do.
So my friend.. how do you feel? What do you think? Where are you at on your journey to this point? What have you experienced once you were open and aware? Have you been on this journey to finding peace within yourself lately? Would love to know your thoughts, feelings, heart filled messages below… it is always wonderful to hear from you.
P.S. If you felt this has encouraged, inspired or empowered you please pass it along to Facebook, Twitter or any social media site or networks out there online. I know someone will truly benefit from this. And it is time to open people’s hearts and minds to their true purpose. Thank you!


  1. I don't exactly know at what point of my journey I am...sometimes it's hard to go on, sometimes it's not...but I like it my way...
    Love and congs for this awesome blog!